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Problem with blown Fuse 44 (wipers/radio)

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I had fuse 44 blow yesterday. I was driving along and decided to spray the wipers (wipers not currently on) and when I pulled the spray seemed a little weak, so I pulled again and BAM, the radio/wipers go dead! I checked and the resevoir for the fluid was empty, so possibly the pump needed to draw too much current without fluid in the tank.

I checked the fuse cover and radio and the wipers share #44. I filled the fluid tank, changed the fuse and started the car....the radio was still dead and I got out and saw fuse 44 had blown again.

Any ideas?? The electrical problem must be caused by the wipers or the wiper fluid pump. It seems unlikely that the radio had anything to do with it. Any insights/ideas would be much appreaciated.

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He may have a grounded pump or the wire under load may begrounded before load.(ie) The wirre grounded togeteher in harnes,or under tape.If the disconect does not work..

Ron was nice to explain the circuit,pull all the conductors apart at the fuse and find out wich wire is grounded,with out powering it.Turn the key to # one position and see what is dead follow it and fix it,Thats if there all paralled there.Note lucky it is not a high rise building this is childs play..Note most problems start were your hands were last!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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