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Right i have had my 316i compact auto 99' 1.9 for two to three months now, and am slowly losing patience, although she is approaching 10 years old, so i suppose like VW Golfs stuff needs replacing. Anyway I've had a so called Full Service:thumbdwn:cowboys in south london done it. thermostat :thumbup: Merc specialists in Abbots langley

Releasing the track rod arm in order to carry out Tracking:thumbup:,(A1 BM specialists) I have had alarm constantly going off problem which seems to be sorted:thumbsup the guys at A1 BM specialist said they resetted the alarm. As stated by a previous thread A1 BM specialists are good, ALSO the airbag light returned to being illuminated, so we believe it's a sensor/tensioner problem in the seat. A another niggle has arisen, the interior footwell light remains on whilst driving, they said they would deal with this also.
All in all I recommend A1 BM Datchwood herts they know there stuff:angel:

Just like to say that i am not affiliated with them or any garage mentioned above in anyway, i used this forum in the Garage section to gain advice on a trusted BM specialist in the HERTS area. And A1 Bm were mentioned.

Q Is repairing the airbag light sensor/tensioner costly??

Q Can you request to see the OBD report from the garage??

Finally the car needs brake dics and pads all round,£90 delivered from a company in Manchester(EBAY), just gotta pay for the labour. after that i hope no more problems or I will be seeking the classifieds for a japanese car, only joking:angel:
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