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Production Code 150!

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I just called BMWNA and they said production has started on my 330xi . :D

The Owner's Circle site still says "On Order" and doesn't list my options. Are they pretty good about updating status or do I have to call BMWNA each time to get the status code?
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Calling them is much more accurate than the website.

time to add the phone number to your speed dial list:) :)

The web site leaves a lot to be desired:thumbdwn:
The options won't show on the website until the car is in your garage.

Ask the BMWNA telphone support to list your options for you.
150 doesn't mean production started; needs to get to status 151.
The ladyon the phone said "production started today". when I asked for the status code, she said 150. How long does it take to go to 151?
Usually 1-2 weeks. 150 just means no more changes and parts allocation starts.
Don't worry about your options not being listed. By now, you should have confirmed that your options were in fact properly ordered. I did this by calling BMWNA within a couple of weeks after placing the order at my dealer. BMWNA confirmed my entire order and gave me my first status -112. I know this won't help you at this point, but perhaps it will help someone else reading this.
I called BMW today, 9/24, and I went 150 on 9/23. Finally glad that they have started on it. The wait is a killer. At least I can track it through production. It's gonna be hard to not be able to track it on the high seas. Long boat ride through the Panama Canal, too! :cry:
I have a list of all the production codes (and a little unfinished timeline) and some other compiled info that I got all around the web on my website (click my sig pic below). It might answer some questions that come up...

Congrats and best of luck!

I think the worst part is that there's a wait....

... then FINALLY a flurry of activity! Building, painting, it's on the dock! etc....

... then ALL STOP! ... waiting again until it arrives.

It's agony, I tell you!
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