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Listen to this...

I placed an order for a 325ci through Carbone BMW in Utica, NY. A dealer that is about 200 miles away from me. I did this one, because of the price, and two because of their available allocations.

I was told when the car was ordered (around 5/15/02) that the production date for the car would be third week of June and that I could expect a production number the first week of June.

So... I'm pumped... new BMW coming around the middle end of July. First week of June comes, so I call my sales person and get a production number from him. This is cool, one step closer to a new car.

I get home and get to the owner's circle to setup my account and put in the production number. What does my car show up as? A 325ci with jet black, premium package, and steptronic. With a production date of July 26th!!!

You would think this is such a big deal, and it isn't but when you're waiting for a new car and eager to get it this just doesn't make you feel good.

So, I email my sales person back. Informed him of the situation and figured he had just given me the wrong production number. Well, turns out that it was the right production number. He said that the computer wasn't "up to date yet," and that he can assure me that the order is right. OK, cool.

Then the real bad news, the production date. He says that sometimes the cars get pushed back by BMW and that the 7/26 production date was correct. (@!#[email protected]$) But, he called BMW and had them push it up to the first week of July.

Did anyone here have their pushed back when your car was ordered? Or, have the options on the owners circle come up different then what you ordered? I'm not very happy to say the least and wonder if their is really anything I can do about it. Any suggestions?


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Doug, it's very common for the configuration of the car to be incorrect on the Owner's Circle site until the car has actually entered production. It sorts itself out once BMWAG confirms the actual configurations of the cars, since you can technically change it as long as it hasn't begun entering production (can't recall the exact prod. code).

About the production time, some people have had it pushed back, some pushed forward. Mine ended up being produced 2 weeks earlier than originally projected. It's all based on the queue of incoming orders at the factories and which factory your car is produced at. Unfortunately there's not much to do about it.

Just try to keep your cool and it'll be a much more pleasant waiting experience. It's already gruelling enough without having to battle with your dealership. :)

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Happened to me too..

When I logged onto the Owners Circle the first time, the info for the car was wrong for me also. After a day or two it changed to show the correct info. The dealer told me that when the car is ordered, they are really just "changing" a car that was slated for production. It just took a few days for the system to register the updates. As far as the change in production date, I feel for you.:bawling: The production date for my car was moved to a week earlier after being on order for a few weeks. It is still a long, brutal wait.

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The horror...the horror.

Seriously though, I and quite a few others experienced several production date delays with xi's last summer due to parts availability. It just sometimes happens. Hang in there, it's worth it.:thumb:
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