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Programable Options

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I have been reading of all sorts of little tricks lately that you can have programmed in by the dealer. For example, there was one a few threads down about having the back windows of the CI open with the window-down feature from the key. I just read someplace else about the doors automagically locking after reaching 5mph (I test drove a 330i the other day that did that).

I was wondering if there was a central place to see exactly what all of these options are. I don't have much confidence that the dealer will tell me /all/ of the options when I get my car, and it would be cool to know what they all are in advance so I can think about them and ultimately have them set the way I want them the first time when I take delivery of my car.

Anyone know of a central source for all this info?


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Sorry if this is a repeat question. Is it possible to have one key that activates day time running lights and the other key without? I asked to have this done when I picked up the car in Darmstadt but I guess it’s either not possible or they didn’t understand what I wanted. Is the key itself programmed or actually something in the car that would recognize separate keys?
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"Car Memory" includes programmed functions that are always activated, regardless of which vehicle key is used. For example, the day-time running lights will always be on, if programmed to do so, no matter who's driving.

"Key Memory" includes programmed functions that can differ, depending on which vehicle key is used. The vehicle key is identified during "unlocking", only when remote control is being used. Up to four different keys can be customized. This allows for up to four drivers to have different set of preferences programmed to their liking. For example, your spouse may like the seats closer to the steering wheel than you, etc.

Exterior Daytime Running Lights is a "Car Memory" option, as you can see on the Tech Talk page at BMWNation, therefore, CANNOT be programmed differently for each key.

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