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Hopefully some of you won't find this post boring, and will accept a challenge. I will detail the full history of what's been done to the car to avoid any confusion

I have a very solid car (mechanically) but it started coming up with electrical gremlins ( kombi going crazy)
First i changed the PDC unit which solved the issues for about 2 months. After some heavy rain the issue started to come back (when it rains the dash goes crazy continuously so it must be some plug/connection/wire below)

The fusebox shorted out (2 weeks before bmw made a recall on it) and even though i have fixed the fusebox, the FRM failed in the process. After a new frm, and a new jct box even the dashboard issue was fixed once again (but not for long, it keeps coming back)

Next thing that happened was the DME got water damage and had to be replaced. bought one of ebay and came with a cas and a key(lucky) . after programming the new DME to the car (vin etc etc.) i decided to try to update all the ecus in the car to see if that gets rid of my kombi problem.
started with a k+dcan cable which (even tho i followed the procedure) bricked my original cas.
luckily the spare cas worked straight away without any programming.
Here is where i'm stuck at the moment:
i now have an icom and a power supply to avoid any issues with cheap dcan cables. after istap updated most modules and the cas (excluding the dme because i didn't want to lose the engine tune yet again) the DME has gone dead. can't communicate with it at all.
i also have to add that the spare cas still has the wrong vin number and the wrong vo but still worked fine with the dme programmed to the original vin.:dunno:
any suggestions ?
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