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Progressive Marketing of the Z4...

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Marketing Communications
Dealer Bulletin

Dianne Martini - Direct Marketing Manager

BMW launches the 2003 BMW Z4 roadster with a new, highly individualized marketing campaign.

BMW enthusiasts everywhere are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new BMW Z4 roadster. To help build excitement and generate pre-orders for your center, BMW NA is spreading the word about the new Z4 with a multi-phased, multi-faceted marketing campaign via direct mail, email and The campaign is unique in that each recipient will receive communications that are highly individualized to appeal to them. This is based on their specific profile, including such attributes as whether they are owners or prospects, male or female, the reasons they are interested in a roadster, and how they would like to experience the Z4. The initial teaser mailing, scheduled to start in mid-July, will be sent to a targeted audience, including Z3 and BMW owners; prospects who have expressed interested in the Z3 or BMW; competitive-make roadster drivers; and individuals who have the profile of a roadster driver - in short, those who would probably be interested in the Z4. Additionally, reply cards will be included in BMW Magazine and Roundel, encouraging BMW enthusiasts to raise their hand; Inside Track will urge readers to log on to

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Those who respond will be among the first to receive the elegant, full-color Z4 flyer, wrapped with images and copy reflecting who they are and why they are interested in the Z4 roadster. For example, a client who has indicated performance as their top priority will receive communication that stresses the Z4's dynamic performance. Inside the flyer is a personalized letter, also written in a style designed to appeal to the recipient, and custom-imprinted with your BMW center's name, urging the reader to call
and arrange a test drive when the Z4 becomes available. Campaign momentum will be sustained and build in intensity with a series of five individualized email communications to owners and qualified prospects. The first launched on July 8, 2002. support debuted on July 2nd with compelling homepage visual and Z4 icon driving traffic to a Z4 communication opt-in page. All new Z4 product pages and virtual center BYO will follow close to product launch. Owner Circle will feature a chat with Andres Warming, Z4 designer, and special owner rewards. Our electronic arsenal of support will be rounded out with special content on the Avantgo BMW Channel. Working in tandem, these simultaneous campaigns on the, email and via
direct mail will surely generate buzz and pre-launch interest in this exciting, dynamic new entry into the BMW family. We expect these activities to generate exceptional response and showroom traffic in the coming months. Good luck in welcoming these first-wave customers.


Does BMW kick but, or what???

:thumbup: :thumbup:

Hope everyone has a great day!

I'm off to the beach for my "hump-day"...

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So Jon, when will the models' order guides be released this year? Last year the 3er guide came out on June 28.
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