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Project Carbon fiber

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I've been doing a LOT of research and I'm planning on making a lot of parts on my vert carbon fiber for clear reasons, weight and style. I'm already working on making the door panels, center console, etc carbon fiber but I was thinking bout the air intake manifold to, but I have m50 and I'm wondering what I would need to do bout the throttle body and MAF. I have a plan bout the sensor, you should see some of the stuff I can make for anything. I've researched but nothing has came up so I'm asking the expects, what do I need to know.

Oh.. and I like change, so no, I don't like stock. I'm not against it, just like making and changing stuff. I have future plans for this car. Making it lighter just a part of it.


Intake manifold
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Pics of some of your work?
Not yet, I'm still getting supplies and everything. But when I'm done, I'm keeping all the molds to make more so I do plan on selling parts and low prices.
Pics of some of your work?
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