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Finally hooked up with a CNC guy.
Still establishing a relationship to develop quality products.
Have many ideas on things to do.
One result of this relationship is properly sized Delrin bushings for the front shifting arm. The shifting arm is what holds your shift lever.
This elimates some side to side shifting slop. The slop claimed by others is real when moving the shifting arm. When shifting it is much less.
Instead of making a one size fits all bushing set, the bushings I make are made to press fit into the shifting arm. Once pressed in, they are hand reamed using, an adjustable hand reamer to exactly fit the guide pin diameter (***** clip).
The installed reamed bushing set in a new shifting arm with a new guide pin (***** clip) will be in the $55 area plus shipping.


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Interesting . . .

Ron -

Is this for Z cars only?

(side note: HACK loves messing around with the ***** clip!)

P.S. - Ron, any update on front strut brace? I want to see your finished product before I make a choice. If I understood your other post, it will closer to the OEM model on the E36 M3 ltw than the others on the market.

Edit: Thanks for the PM Ron.

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Does this control side to side shifter position?


I think this may be related to my post above - my shifter "rests" in a position all the way to the right, just below fifth gear. I'm looking at a diagram of the shifter assembly that I believe was printed from the BMW electronic manual. On it the parts are numbered from 1 to 15, with item 2 looking like a bushing similar to your photo.

Do you think a failure of this bushing could cause the symptom I wrote about?

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