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Property taxes

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Just wondering what to expect to pay on a 2012 5 series. Anyone have. Round figure? Va taxes that is. Thx
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Use the relative figures that you pay on your real estate taxes. For example , if you own a $300k house and you pay $3000, then figure about 1% of your car's market value.
They are doing away with the car tax in Georgia next year and I'm very happy about it.

Go to your county's tax commissioner's website and find out the tax rate.

Here's the rate for Faifax county:

The current tax rate for personal property in Fairfax County is $4.57 for each $100 of assessed value.
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I wonder how they "assess" the car. Cant be the blue book cause that would be close to 3k a year.. I think half that would be about right. Thinking along the lines of what Needsdecaf said 1500.00. Thanks for the input.
That's exactly why I said that the car tax is done like the real estate tax. The assessed value is not the market value. The tax assessor takes the market value of the property and assesses the value based on the tax millage rate in the county. They then place a 4.57% tax on the assessed value.
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