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Just a reminder for any who may not already know...

If you short any dimmed interior lighting wires (ie: shift knob gray/red hot to brown ground), you will blow the reostat in the headlight switch dimmer. Not a fuse. All dimmed interior lighting will be inoperable at this point. The headlight switch must be replaced in this case. The headlight switch is part number 61 31 8 353 508 which retails for $30.00.

Some stock BMW leather shift boots fit very tight over the shift lever. Tight fit in interior parts is usually a good thing. However, if you are installing an illuminated shift knob, do not force anything. Verify the wires have some clearance with the shift lever. It is very easy - even for those of us who have been doing mods on BMWs for the last 7 years - to do something stupid, force the knob on, strip off a bit of insulation, and inadvertantly ground the hot gray/red dimmed wire to the shift lever. Then you are faced with replacing the headlight switch. No fuses will blow.

I had the headlight switch in stock from a leftover mod on my 318ti. Normally, I remove the lower parts of the driver's side dash and push the switch out from behind. I will do this again unless I can get my hands on a Richard Mix/Stygar tool.

While on the subject of public service announcements, note that if you short a footwell light you can and probably will destroy the ZKE Body Electronics Module. You should blow a fuse (number 31 I think off the top of my head) but you may do more damage to the ZKE. In the event of damage to the ZKE, certain body electronics functions may work, others may not. You can short the footwell light by either (a) manhandling one of our kits and ripping the pins out of the connector, disregarding our instructions to disconnect negative batt terminal during installation, and then letting the 2 pins touch or else (b) by using 2 or more scotch locks and letting them touch each other or the hot lock touch a ground.

We had a customer (incorrectly) install a footwell light kit recently and afterwards car would not start. EWS is connected to ZKE. We think the EWS was fried. Disposition was to replace ZKE and EWS. FYI, when EWS thinks the car is being stolen, apparently the starter will turn but no fuel will get to engine. Luckily, his dealer replaced under warranty. Another person on this board who really likes to use scotch locks was not so lucky.

This concludes today's Public Service Announcement.

EDIT on 9/26: added correct part number for headlight switch.
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