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Purchased 2019 BMW X4 from Carvana

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Hi All - just purchased my third BMW. It’s a BMW X4 2019 (G02). I bought it from Carvana with only 15k miles on it and a clean title. Carvana even covered the cost of replacing the windshield and repainting the hood and side fenders where there were some minor cosmetic imperfections (deep scratch mark and several tree sap stains). I was thoroughly impressed with the entire purchase and delivery process.

What’s ironic is that it’s very similar to the Tesla purchase and delivery process which I also recently experienced having received (and sold) a 2022 Model Y. I bought the X4 about a month before receiving the Model Y and fell in love with the BMW. After waiting nearly a year for the Model Y to be delivered it’s crazy to think I wanted to sell it, but I did. The ride isn’t as nearly as comfortable, plus I was able to sell it privately for a $7k profit! Crazy.

Currently shopping around on Bav Sound, IND, Amazon, and Alliexpress for some BMW mods/accessories, including an interior ambient lighting kit which the X4 didn’t come with (so bummed about this). Aside from having to pay gas, I honestly can’t wait to enjoy this vehicle for the next 4-5 years.