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Hello-new here because I***8217;m banging my head against the wall! 2012 x5m here, and have gotten the p0442 code (small EVAP) I***8217;ve seen lots of posts on here, quite helpful as always! I***8217;ve gotten to the point that I feel quite certain it is the purge control valve as most of the likely symptoms are there:rough idle, code thrown, performance loss, and gas mileage decreased recently. I took it to a place today that suggested it was a problem within the intake...I don***8217;t think I***8217;ve ever heard intake mentioned along with p0442. Is that a possibility??

My main question is WHERE IS THE PURGE VALVE?? I can***8217;t seem to find it, and it***8217;s so simple to see in the ***8220;non-M***8221; vehicles but when I pop the hood it***8217;s a spiderweb in there.

Does anyone have a picture, site, diagram that I may be able to get a better idea where this is?? I***8217;m relatively handy, so just need to see where the darn thing is to replace it!

Thanks in advance!
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