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Hello. On my G30, passenger front seat came nearly perfect from the factory.

The problem was that the moment I've tried to move the seat (I have basic seats that are to be moved mechanically), the outer upper rail finisher, basically a plastic thingy came out of its place and been "wondering" around the rail ever since. I think if I will ask a dealership to put it in place the price tag will be around 50 bucks, so I decided to ask the community:

Here is a thing I am talking about:

See item marked with number 5.

It is loose and out of its place but can't leave the rail area as it is constrained by the seat itself.

Perhaps one of you can look up a manual in Rheingold or something which are the correct steps to put it in its place.

The drive's equivalent is fixed in a dead-solid manner and never moves out of place.

Thanks in advance.
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