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Here's the thing - w/stock suspension, had BMW do fancy/ker-schmancy $295 Kinematic alignment w/weights. Result: OK ride & handling; excessive rear tire wear due to broken in suspension gone. Normal wear w/factory camber, yes, but gross, no.

Later: Yellows, Eibachs, M Parts; LSD. Full-on suspension replacement. Other'n LSD, I did the work.

Short of it:
  1. Did shade tree alignment....loved the result! But, toe was clearly not quite on the narrow.
  2. Took to local alignment shop.
  3. Got it back - ride degraded! Evidently inexperienced with ride height adj suspensions, they mucked it up. How one does that I've no idea - seems cut 'n' dried to me, and I'm not a pro.
  4. Did shade tree alignment again....loved the result! Chalked alignment expense up to foolery.

The diff:
  • My ride now silky
  • Turbo lag, she no got
  • Brake bounce @ stop, she no got
  • Mucho sa-mooth power delivery
  • Sweet progressive grip, no end
  • Step much smoother, including hyper mileing at speed
Coming to a conclusion here: Alignment is far more important than I'd thought - check every month or so recommended - must have prepared surface.

New vehicles should have alignment checked shortly after delivery & 5k mi later.

Looks like I don't need help to optimize my suspension; learn more about alignment every time I get into it.

If you want it done right....

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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