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Hi, all. I'm semi-new to this BMW world and this forum. Accidentally been posting in the wrong section, so now I think I've found my spot in the E46 section.

:dunno:I have been searching for a way to integrate my iPhone with my 2003 325Ci. Well, I got in touch with AAMP and they suggested the PXDXBMW adapater. I have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer. First off, no navigation and no CD changer in the car, just the radio, Harman Kardon and Business CD. I don't know if it being a convertible makes a bit of difference, but it is.

First, has anyone hooked one of these up in their car and, if so, is it worth it?

Second, the car came with the wiring for a multi-CD changer, but doesn't have one installed. I viewed the instructions manual for the PXDX and it says where the wiring should be, but the liner is so tightly secured back there, I'm afraid to take anything apart if I'm not in the right place. They said the driver's side of the trunk. Not sure if it's behind one of the plastic inserts or in the liner somewhere which would require removing one of the plastic button like things.

Lastly, when you hook up this adapter, where does the wire for the iPhone come out from to connect it? If you're hooking it up to a CD changer in the dash, is there a cable or something that gets connected somewhere other than in the trunk whereby to connect the phone to?

Thanks for any input you can offer. I am having a hard enough time finding a car stereo store near me on Long Island that carries it, let alone figuring out what to do with it when I get it.

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