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mgs333 said:
thanks, about the test drive itself, do you go out on the streets by yourself? or someone comes with you? how long do you have per drive? can you go on the freeway?
call the phone number listed on the invitation/website. The customer service people answering the phone can take a reservation for more than one car/time slot period. I believe online you can only register for 1. You can also register your girlfriend at the time, if she wants to sign up for a slot. The way it worked at my dealership (not sure if it's the same everywhere), you get the car with a 30min window. They provide a "prefered" route for you to go, but they don't care if you go your own way, as long as your back in a reasonable amount of time. I think the loop at my dealership last year was in the 10 mile range and was a nice mix of twisties, highway and stop/go.

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