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aero kit

Intel55 said:
I am looking to add this Aerokit to my 2005 4.4 and am wondering if it will work with:

1) the park distance controls

2) the OEM trailer hitch. It looks like it does because there is a lil cover in the middle of the rear.

3) Will the brushed aluminum running board and chrome stainless grill guard work with the aerokit?

4) does anyone know the cost of the 4.8 body kit versus the aero kit?? Curious.

I sent an email to my dealership with these questions, but have not heard back and am inpatient :)

PS: Could I have had this aerokit put on and painted at the factory and saved a lil cash??

Thank you :D
hope this help cause I was in the same situation as you were 6 months ago

1. there are several options for cars with and without PDC controls once the dealer has your last 7 numbers of your vin they should be able to tell you which one will work

2. It can work with the hitch cause I have seen some of them with the hitch once again you have to get the right model for your car..If you pick up the latest X5 accessories catalog they have an X5 with the aerokit with the traler hitch.

3. no and no the aero kit comes with its own runing board and they sell a grill guard specific for cars with the aero kit

4. the aero kit from the dealer will run you around $2400 in addition to the aero kit you will need the side moldings which are another $350 not including the painting which may run you another $1000..
there is no true 4.8is kit its just the front bumbper cover and the rear valence and the side caps total cost around $1200 give or take a few dollars.

do some homework and look around some of the past threads. also you can get a better deal if you get the items form (Edward) @ Pacificbmw internet sales division or Crevier Bmw ..
Good Luck
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