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question about 335d purchase

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Hey guys, new member, question for the group...

I'm planning on purchasing a 2011 3 series within the next week or so and I'm looking at a 2011 335d. First off, what are people's general impression's on the clean diesel technology?

Secondly, its a CPO, but it has 50,000 miles on it (previous corporate fleet vehicle) should I be overly concerned about this high mileage?

Thanks guys.
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I've had my 2010 35D for almost a month now and I honestly could not be happier at all. My greatest recommendation is to study up on the DEF and how to refill it yourself to save yourself the money bmw will charge you if they refill it.

I bought mine from a ford dealership and they either didn't know anything about it or didn't care to refill it when it was traded in so 2 weeks after I had it the low DEF warning came on. BMW dealership was going to charge me 300 to refill it and I would have to drive 2 hours away to them. I did it in my drive way for a total of $25 after one trip to Napa.

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I bought a 2011 335d Dealer Demo in Oct 2011. Had 17K at purchase, now has 38K. I couldn't be happier, and this is my 7th 3 series. okay, one is technically being driven by my son but I own it. :thumbup:

Only had two issues with the car. The belt squeal, fixed by the dealer and hasn't returned. Drop in MPG after recall. Acceleration is AWESOME. I had a 2008 335i 6M previously, and the D feels much stronger 0-100. The torque......:D
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