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Question about clears purchased from Bekkers

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I just recieved clears from Bekkers for my '03 sedan. The front corners and sides came in boxes with the BMW ROundel on them. The rears came in the box shown in the pics. It does not seem OEM. They look just as good as OEM but no where on the back of the lens does it have a Roundel. I paid full price for these and was wondrring if anyone else who has clears for their '02-'03 came in a similar box. I am going to call Bekkers and ask them if all this is OEM and if not I might just send back the clear tails and have them either send me OEM's or give me money back. I would hate the fact that the fronts are OEM and my rears are aftermarket with possibility of incorrect fitment or leaking. Plus I paid full damn price for them. Before I get upset I'm going to call. Did anyone else recieve their clears in this package from Maxmillion or Bekkers?? Thanx...

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This is what Bekkers just told me:

Apparently Bekkers buys from the manufacturer of the lights rather than the dealer. The fronts are OE from BMW, but the rears were purchased right from the light manu. I checked the stamps on the lights and rears have the same stamps as the fronts except the fronts have the Roundel. This proves they are the same makes just not stamped for BMW OE. According to Bekkers they are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Both built on the same assembly line just one is sent out to BMW and stamped, and the others are sold to other dealers, not stamped for BMW. THis is how they are able to sell them cheaper. They said if I had any prob's to give them a call. They have great Customer Service, John was excellent, and prompt shipping. I will be using them for more stuff if possible. Can't wait to throw them on my ride!!!! I'm waiting at the port of exit for my boat!!
Sounds like you are ok with them, which is good.

I got mine from Maximillian and both front/side and rears where in sealed OEM boxes, stamped BMW Original I think.

Do the rears have the proper part number?

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