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I'm looking into the possible purchase of a 2008 335xi and have a question about the navigation. Specifically phyiscal clues to determine if navigation is installed or not. The vehicle I'm looking at (online, I haven't seen the vehicle in person yet) does not list navigation as an installed option. However when I view the iDrive screen navigation is an option displayed (on the main screen). And there appears to be two slots in the console.

I currently own a 2006 330xi with navigation and one of the defining physical charateristics a vehicle has navigation is a slot for the navigation DVD. Is this the case for the 5 series (I'm not too familiar with the 5-series yet). I'm also curious if the navigation option is shown on the main iDrive menu for vehicles which do not include navigation.

Any help would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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