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Question about paint

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Hi all,

my 1 month old 330cic is already having major paint problems. I believe that my dealer may have lied to me (these problems started within one week of me picking up my car) and am doing some background research.

Does anyone know what brand of paint is used by BMW. I'm planning on contacting the manufacturer and finding out what chemicals the paint is sensitive to. My dealer claims that I drove through something nasty. My guess is that if there is something on the street that is nasty enough to eat paint and chrome, we've got a major health problem in the bay area.

Thanks for your help.
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Spies Hecker

I believe the answer is Spies Hecker.

I'd suggest you just call BMW NA Customer Service, Marilyn Fiorenza.

I went through a drill similar to this from early Jan to late Feb. while looking for answer to "paint quality" issues concering a BMW Individual color - Arizona Sun Metallic. The color is still on the BMW Individual site - which I don't understand. They've never explained why......

BMW claims it doesn't meet their quality rqmts. In the end, we settled for another Individaul Color - Velvet Blue Metallic.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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