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My car has 82,000. Recently, a lot of suspension noise has become appearent while driving over bumps and such. I'd like to just replace all of the undercarraige bushings at once, as I'm sure all the rubber mounting points are probably deteriorated.

Is there a place where I can order all of those bushings from? Or would this be better suited being done by dealership?

I crawled under the car this morning, it seems like if I had it on a lift the job would be easy enough, although time consuming. And I read somewhere that I will need to use a press to install some of the bushings...

What do you folks think the cost to have this done would be, since I will probably sercombe to my vast laziness when I decide to tackle this project.

Haha, one more thing... When I push down on my rear bumper, I can hear the struts squeaking a little... Is this an indication they are bad, or are beginging to fail?

Thanks for helping a man of little vehicle-patience out!

Eh, btw my car is a 2001 330i.

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