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Question for Jon Schaffer

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I had ordered a 3er in Arizona Sun metallic in mid-December. Early Jan my dealer said it was a "non-starter" due to "paint quality issues" and to choose another color. I went round and round with BMW NA, posted several msgs on BBs asking about the paint quality issue for Arizona Sun. Most replies indicated it was a beautiful color and BMW was probably "blowing smoke". My dealer was great about everything, and BMW NA seemed to be of the opinion that it was BMW AG that was denying the request.

This was done because even today, this particular paint is still on the Individual site.

After another six weeks of email going back and forth across the Atlantic, we finally settled on Velvet Blue metallic. Do you have any idea why BMW would continue to advertise this color if there are problems??? Most "National" BMW Individual sites still have the color on the options list, the UK Individual site even promotes it. Comments???
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I answered your question in a separate post...
Ah, and this answers MY question in your post Jon. Hehe!
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