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Taking a tune off does nothing. BMW can tell and sets a fault “ suspicion of engine tuning” and marks your VIN. There are many ways to detect your tune or piggy back even if it’s not in the car during service. Checksum errors, sensor log data, flash counters, purge valve hex values, there’s many ways to detect your monkey business. It’s not a good idea if your trying to be sneaky. As soon as your vehicle is short tested at a dealership FASTA data will be sent and there’s nothing you can do about it. I promise.
You either tune it and live with the consequences if any or leave it alone. I’d probably go through your agreement and see if your allowed to modify it or not. I’m gonna assume the answer is no.
This stuff may have been ok or undetectable in the past but BMW has really made a push to identify and flag modified vehicles lately. They are even starting to look into headunit manipulation a lot more as well so your Bimmercode or Carly may pose issues when pushing for a new headunit due to stability problems. Of course everybody always cries magnuson moss but few people are willing to take it to that point and even fewer have the pockets to fight if bmw wants to tangle.
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