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Question of the week: What's the worst car problem you've encountered during winter?

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Winter is here, and you know what that means: starting your car will soon be a struggle. But that's not the only issue vehicles can develop when the temperature starts dropping. Many people also encounter these problems at least once during the cold season.

How about you? What's the worst problem you've had to deal with so far?
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My heater stopped working and i couldnt see out the front window, Needless to say it wasnt pleasnt to drive with the head out of my driverside window, And parts could not be ordered so i was forced to drive that way for 7 more days.
A buddy in high school had a VW bus with an air-cooled engine. It was freezing in that thing in the winter.

I had a VW Rabbit. The door locks would freeze all the time.

I used 20W-50 petroleum oil in that Rabbit. Visiting grandparents in the mountains for Christmas, the car was parked outside at about 0F when I was going to leave for home. When I finally got it started, it was shaking like it didn't have oil. I shut it off and pulled out the dipstick. The oil was solid. I stuck a drop light down in the engine compartment, and went back to bed for a few hours.

My M3 used 10W-60 synthetic, and I live right off of a 55 MPH highway. I'd creep around Bubba Estates, go out the back entrance, and then up Bubba Blvd. (Bubbaville Beach's main Street) before coming back to the highway, about two miles. That was enough to get the oil temperature up over 140F. The old-lady gossips in the 'hood thought I was cruising for little girls to kidnap.

I used to park new Nissans after they came off the ships as one of my part-time college jobs. Back then, the cheap Nissans had throttle body fuel injection and the expensive ones had port fuel injection. When it was cold, the ones with throttle body fuel injection would stumble. The ones with port fuel injection ran great at cold start-up.
A climbing buddy and I drove up to the Narrows in the Wichita Mountains to go climbing. That night a front came in and dropped the temps and covered the place with snow. The next day my Jeepster Commando made it about fifty yards before it started knocking. Oil in the water. We drove to Bowie a bit at a time, stopping every so often to let the Jeep cool before going on again. Some friends met us in a pickup and towed us back to DFW on the ice.
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