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Greetings everyone,

I have a 1999 M-3- It has approx 80,000 miles and is in really good condition. Recently i heard a strange noise each time i changed gears -(engaged the clutch). It was a whining high pitched noise. My mechanic who does just BMW work immediately diagnosed it to be ..the clutch disengagement part ????- In talking to him he recommended that since there was so much labor involved in changing just this part- that the entire clutch "mechanisms" should be replaced.

This sounded reasonable to me.

Any thoughts?

Also any guesses on how much this repair should run-including parts and labor?


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In order to replace the clutch release bearing, the rear exhaust, the torque tube, and the gearbox must be removed.
Unless you are comfortable with the additional replacement costs of the friction disc, the pressure plate and the pivot pin, I would suggest that you hold off until you can feel the coarseness of the bearing via the ball of your left foot.
that bearing may fail quickly, or may not fail for another 80k miles.


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It probably is the release bearing...

Yes the transmission has to come out to replace it.

There is no reason on earth to not change the clutch and pressure plate, (along the pivot (use the 8 series SS pin) and the arm, (cheap at $20)) If you are doing that bearing. That will ensure a lot of trouble free miles.

The stock dual mass flywheel is usually good for 2 clutches.

I'd say labor to do the clutch (or just the bearing since it's almost the same job) is $800. It's not a horrible DIY if you have tools, (I swapped in a ltw flywheel and a 6 speed in my garage, but I have a lift...)
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