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TheRaaj said:

I just had some Stern ST II rims installed on my '03 330 Ci and am experiencing some vibrations. The tire tech told me to get either wheel spacers or hub centric rings. I was wondering if you guys had any preference of one or the other.....Also, which size of hub centric rings to get, if I go that route. The new rims are 18" x 8.5", everything else in the suspension/breaks/hub is stock.

Thanks! :bigpimp:
Any place that sold you wheels for a BMW without proper hubcentric adapting rings should be torched. E46 hub center diameter is ~72.5mm. I have no idea what the ID of Stern wheels are. Tell the jackass who sold you the wheels to either put rings in there or you will deposit the wheels in his rectum and dispute the charge with your credit card company.
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