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Question on "new" M3 diff fluid

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"New" M3 diff fluid

I found some posts on another board (you know which one) about a "new" differential fluid or additive for the diffs in the M3. I seem to remember something about TSB about changing the fluid.

The part number I have is 83-22-2-282-583. My dealer parts people are saying that it is the same as gthe old fluid, just in 1L versus 55L container.

Anybody able to shed light on this for me? Maybe the TSB if there is one?

If it is a new fluid, I want to get it changed this week when the car is in for the replacement pedal (sticky accelerator).

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Re: Re: Question on "new" M3 diff fluid

atyclb said:

i really think it's a new fluid, but don't have any better info than others

the old fluid was:

CORRECT Diff Fluid:
p/n 83-22-1-470-080 (55L container)
p/n 83-22-1-467-993 (1L container)
Thanks. That will help.
So additional info. The new number is for an additive, not a new fluid. I will find out more on Thursday when I have the car in.

Once confronted with the info that it was NOT the old fluid in a 1L container, they figured it out. :)
New info on diff fluid

OK, I had the diff fluid changed today. Here is the scoop.

There is a TSB out #31-01-02 on Differential Noise. According to it cars made 09/02 and later have a changed diff, but for the earlier ones, if the customer complains about grinding noise in low speed turns (hint), the fix is to replace the diff fluid with the new stuff, 83-22-2-282-583.

At first they weren't going to do the change under warranty until we looked up the bulletin and I told him the diff was noisier than our M Roadster.

I don't know if this fluid will help preclude problems with the "old" diff, but I figured it can't hurt.

BTW going through the fluid/additive/fluid thing was all the same dealer and same parts people. Can't BMW get some people who know something?
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