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Question on the Porter Cable...

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I've read tons of posts here and on .org about how great this machine is- and how it can polish out swirl marks and micro-scratches. Given that I have a jet black car with tons of tiny scratches (that show up if you look really close), this sounds good.

I'm wondering though-- is there a limit to how much you can polish with this machine and not damage your paint? I've read articles that say you can press on it as hard as you want and it won't burn through paint like a regular orbital buffer. Is it ok to use something like this every 2 weeks?

Also, despite using freshly washed made in USA terry towels to dry the car, I still get scratches and swirls. When you guys say that you meticulously detail your car and don't get these marks- what towels/cloths/mitts do you use? I'm also very careful to not use a circular motion.
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Cotton isn't good enough anymore

I've done away with cotton towels and gone to synthetic microfiber towels, guaranteed not to scratch.

My big question is whether there's an application for the Porter Cable when using the Zaino system. I'm thinking not.

So: Dawn Wash, Clay Bar, Zaino Wash, Dry with California Water Blade and Microfiber towel, Hand apply Zaino polish lock (w/3M disposable microfiber applicators), followed by Zaino polish, followed by polish lock and polish again. Done. I should have ZERO swirls on my new Jet Black baby....

Zaino and PC

Just found this:


Q: Can I use an orbital polisher to apply/remove Zaino polish?

A: Yes, you can use an orbital to apply Zaino Z-2, Z-3, or Z-5. I don't recommend it because you waste too much polish that way. The pad on an eleven inch polisher can absorb almost enough polish to coat your entire vehicle. Each time you use an orbital to apply Zaino polish, you are probably wasting as much polish, if not more than you actually applied to the car.

Zaino polish applies easily by hand, especially if you dampen the aplicator pad with water and spritz it with Z-6 before applying it.

If you use an orbital to remove the residue, you should place a white, 100% cotton towel between the pad and the paint, and keep it turned and refolded often so that you are removing the residue with a clean section of towel all the time.

Note: A single orbital pad WILL NOT remove the polish residue from an entire vehicle. You will have smears if you don't use a towel and turn and refold it frequently.
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