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E30 M3 & E90 325xi
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I have a 1988 M3 w/ ~88K original miles on it that I’ve kept garaged since 2006. It’s a car that will obviously need some love after so long a sleep... but it was in amazing shape when I garaged it before moving to another state shortly after and buying a new 325xi to navigate the snow-filled lanes of my new locale. I am in the process of moving back to my hometown where I’ve had this car stored and intend to finally reawaken her. On my last trip home though I discovered a horrible abuse kept hidden from me since it occurred... a major dent in one of the car’s corner panels which sits right on the protruding “edge” of the panel that’s near the top of the M3-protruding fender...

I would like to know how much this dent is likely to devalue the car... does anyone have any thoughts on that if left as is and/or afterward if properly fixed, given the fact this car is all original and accident free?

If anyone has any estimates about this type of thing I would definitely appreciate your thoughts or opinion/s... if I need to describe the condition of the car any further in order to answer such a question please let me know, and I will follow up with another post. Thank you to anyone who can help... Cheers,
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