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Hi Guys,
I have a '99 M Roadster which I modified recently by swapping out the second ASC throttle body for a non-ASC intake boot.
As part of the modification, I also removed the motor which actuates the ASC throttle and the sensor which reads the position of the ASC throttle.
I have taped over the connectors which ran to both the actuator and the sensor, and stowed them away in the engine compartment.

Obviously the traction control light on the dash now remains lit, but this doesn't bother me.
What I am wondering is 1) will the ASC system still apply the rear brakes when one wheel loses traction? (It seems to me that this is somewhat redundant in a vehicle which already has an LSD, please educate me) and 2) is my ABS going to be affected by this mod? No other lights on the dash are lit save for the traction control.

Thanks in advance, you guys rock.
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