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Questions about xenon bulbs

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Okay, I'm in high school and just got a 2011 BMW 328i sedan. i want to upgrade my low beam headlights to a HID look. After a bit of research I've found two ways (there may be other ways, I haven't heard of them though).

1. buy a converter kit with ballasts and all that confusing stuff
2. buy a bulb dipped in a blue substance which simply replaces my old halogen bulbs?? and appear blue or white when illuminated.

I would like to think the second option would be the easiest/best buy, but I'm not sure if ALL you need is the bulb. These HID lights are difficult to research and I don't think i fully understand them. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

What would you guys do as far as upgrading to the white or blue low beam look?