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Questions regarding Fitting G30 Speaker system into F10

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Hi everyone,

First time poster here and greetings from Bangkok.

I have a 520d F10 which was unfortunately left to stand still for 2 years after an accident, and mould had grown inside the car, which led to endless discussions with the insurance as to who would take care of the interior considering mould grew "after" the accident. Long story short, I cut matters short and decided to pay for the entire interior repairs/replacement myself. The car has now been fully repaired and I just picked it up last week and found that the speakers are not working optimally. Specifically the underseat subwooofers, with the left side producing almost no sound at all, and the right producing very distorted bass and rattling vibrations. So I took the left one out to see if it could be repaired (here in Thailand, there are lots of spare parts for the most miscellaneous of items, though quality would very much vary depending on price and specifications) and found that the speakers had almost completely torn apart. I was going to do it as a little repair project so I could learn more about DIY stuff for the car as I am a total newbie at working on cars.

However, as I was sifting through the internet, I found a set of very new looking speaker system that came off a G30 listed as "HIFI Professional" sound system. Apparently, the owner took it off his car almost immediately after purchasing his G30 to upgrade the sound system. So my questions are these;

1) Would the G30 system fit my F10? (My current sound system is the Base Model: 2 door mounted fronts, 2 underseats, 2 rear speakers) I have seen some eBay systems being advertised as "for both F10 and G30" but have not seen any definite conclusion online regarding this.

2) I have read that the F10s come pre-wired with cables for all the other speaker locations, is it true? eg; Front Tweeter, center console speakers, rear tweeters

3) Do I need to have the amp tuned? (If needed, I might turn to a sound tuning professional unless it is very easy to do which I highly doubt so)

4) Would I need to study the wiring diagram first, or can I simply just start removing the panels and connect it to its supposedly existing pre-wired cables in the F10?

I would be getting this as a temporary upgrade, as I have always found the Base Sound System to be too flat and basic for my liking. The long term upgrade I am looking at is a complete set of Focal as I would be able to get quite a massive discount, though I would need to save up for it first 😅!

I'm not the most mechanically minded person, but I am a fairly handy guy, and really want to take on the challenge of doing basic mods and upgrades on the car myself moving forward so I can improve my skills and understand the car better. It would also give me the chance to inspect the "innards" of the car after this massive repair too.

Thank you very much in advance for any input, and if there are some points I have not yet considered, please feel free to let me know.

(I have attched pictures of the HIFI Professional system that is being sold, as well as my damaged underseat speaker too)


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Looking to do something similar, did you end up making this work?
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