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I was test driving a 1997 328i with 170,000 miles on it. Cosmetically the vehicle is in amazing shape for its age. Mechanically everything was pretty sound and functional. A couple of things made me turn down the offer for now but I was curious what those problems may actually be. If they seem like cheap easy fixes, then I may offer a less.

1. Acceleration in low gears was a little jumpy at times (like I'm tapping the accelerator), not smooth. I don't think it was the transmission, that seemed very smooth. It was like it wasn't getting enough fuel or something. Idles fine, starts fine.
2. Braking was not very responsive. Was pushing down pretty hard and came to a slow stop. No noticeable sound, and the pads and rotors looked OK.
3. Check engine light was on intermittently. Went away after the car was restarted. May be related to #1.

Other than that the car seemed well taken care of.
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