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R-compound tire for AutoX + driving schools?

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I was wondering if anyone could help me out and give me a recommendation for the move up to R-compounds. I have a 2001 Z3 3.0i with strut bar, sway bars, springs, shocks, intake, exhaust, roll bar, etc. I like doing a lot of driving schools in addition to the BMW chapter autocross events and I don't want to get separate dedicated tires for either, so I need a compromise tire. I also want to get the same size tire all the way around (as opposed to staggered set-up) so that rules out Hoosiers, which don't come in the size I need (or I would have to roll my fenders, etc). Therefore, I'm considering basically two kinds of tire - the Kuhmo Ecsta V700 and the Yokohama A032R. The Yokohama is about $35 more per tire, so about $140 more per set. I have heard that the Yokohamas wear a lot better and that the Kuhmos don't last as long, meaning earlier replacement and probably negating the price difference. I have also heard that a lot of people like the Yokos on the track but that it's almost a street tire where you can drive the Yokos to the track but give up a little performance and stick. Does anyone have an opinion on this? I definitely want to be on the R-compound for the driving schools I'm doing later in the year and to *begin* to compare myself to the guys at the top of the AutoX time sheets. I know I'll never compete with the guys on Hoosiers with buckets more HP than I have but it's a start... Also, are there other alternatives I haven't considered?

Thanks a lot for your help and advice in advance.

Mike Gilbert
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Hi Mike,

If you auto-x with the Boston Chapter of the bmwcca, you're probably better off asking the guys who run varous brands of R-compounds at Ft Devens. I've heard people talking during recent events there that the tires are behaving differently than at So. Weymouth. My best guess is because of all the loose material at Devens.

I would think those guys would be able top help you the best because they would be infroming you about how particular tires behave on the track that you'll be on.

There's also a bunch of NH chapter drivers there. You can ask them about R timres at NHIS, if you are planning on running there. Good luck with your decisions! BTW, I'll be at the auto-x next sunday. See you there!
Thanks Larry - looking forward to seeing you at the next AutoX on the 14th!

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