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RaceLand Coil Overs

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Ok there was some going back and forth about RaceLand systems, so I went the RaceLand location US Corp office here in Bluffdale and talk to one of the Tech's for awhile about there coil overs and got some real good insight on there product. First the earlier version coil over the same ones I have on my 325 had too lite of a spring to work well with the inline 6, I haven't had a chance to try them on my 318 but I think Joe had some on his 318 and like them so he said. That makes sense since the springs are not heavy enough to work well with the 6. I have read on this forum that the ride is hard well that's because the springs are compressing all the way causing them to "bottom out", but this would happen more on the 6 cylinder and not so much on the 4. Shortly after they came out with this set the feed back was such that they realized the problem and revised the spring to a heavier one (He didn't say exactly when they changed it). I ask him if just the springs were available to purchase for an upgrade he said no the system was just upgraded and sold that way, they look the same just a heavier spring. he also told me that these coil overs are NOT A PERFORMANCE COIL OVER they are for street use and looks as such with most of there products. Now on to there newest product the Ultimo coil over kit:, These nice looking little units have been completely redone better valving and better springs. Now these are still not designed for the track they told me that they are much improved over the first ones and they look real nice too. I'm not doing this for any reason except to give all of you a better understanding of these systems, They are a low cost way to get the stance you want with a little better performance over the OEM stuff. Let me tell you there showroom is one of the nicest showrooms I've been in in awhile and there products look to be manufactured from quality materials, I just wanted you all to know to clear the air on this subject. Sorry for the long write up. I want to add one more thing, when Installed them on my 325 I didn't use the rear shocks because the shaft wasn't nearly as stout as the Bilstein's I had but I did use the springs for adjustablity.
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Did you get them used or new? If yours look the ones in the link then they are the newest Ultimo ones. They are style 5's 17" not sure of the offset no spacers and yes a little rub in the back. Got to change the camber a little so it won't rub. Here's another set for sale, he may or may not still have them:
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oh no i have the cheaper ones and i got them new like a week ago.
That fine they are the upgraded ones with the heavier springs. Let us know how they ride.
my only issue with racelands is that the rear doesnt go low enough.
I don't know about that, for the way mine sits right now in the pic below I could go another 1.5" down in the back easily but it would rub. Hey Low PM me on those ultimos I might be interested in them too, Mater of fact I'll PM my number call me when you can.
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^Damm that looks sweet got it looking good my friend. It sucks I missed out on that show.
Dude how much would you want to go? I don't like it that low myself it looks alright some better than others, I like a nice stance not real low and not 4x4 high. If I wanted a low low rider I would buy a 62 chev impala. We all have our taste, I like the way each of us have created these cars in our own way Sexy at it's best!
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Second that, looks sexy!!!!
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