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1) 316i is peanuts.. not enough torque to go around...
2) 520d ??? jeazes.. i thought they only used them as rental or service cars. I drove one a couple of times and i definitly don't like it. Althought i drive a 320d (chiptuned 174 pk / 390 nm)

I definitly like the rims on the 316i !

Pmmeke: Dude, diene auto ziet er wel show uit..mer nen 1.6 is het ni echt he! De titanium inleg in de lichtblokken is zalig! Bangelijk detailwerk :) De ruiten zijn ook zalig getint!
Moeste nekee tijd hebbe wil ek wel is afkomen vor hem is in't echt te zien...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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