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So, after searching the forums, I haven't come across anything that really matches my issue.

- Radiator fan not kicking in.

Side note:

- Will kick in if I manually give the fan a little turn. It will run for about 2 minutes then shut off again. Does that mean the fan is fine and maybe it's the signal coming from the computer? Idk.

What I've checked:

- Every fuse that I can find. All OK.
- Amperage coming from sed fuses. All OK.
- Voltage going to the fan through the 3 pin connector. 12.5V when the car is off & 14.7V when the car is on. Standard I suppose?
- The fan is holding a 12V charge after the fan connector is disconnected. Is that normal?

What I'm trying to hear:
- It's going to be a cheap&easy fix lol.

Thanks for any and all help!
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