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Radio code

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Just picked up my 19999 BMW roadster from customs. The battery was completely dead so I needed to replace it. You guessed it, the radio code needed my secrete number. The instruction manual is lost, so I don***8217;t know much more then what I***8217;ve found on the internet. I have my Radiopass card, both Europe and US numbers are assigned to it. My radio is a Business CD Model BP0273 and serial number 40148832. When I view the safety number it only list 4 digits for both EU and US. My radio seems to be asking for a 5 digit number when I count the spaces. Also, my radio doesn***8217;t utilize the preset buttons in obtaining numbers 7,8,9, and 0. The EU code number has numbers 0, 7, and 9 in it. When I depress preset 1 to obtain the 0 digit which should be my first code number if it***8217;s an EU radio, it doesn***8217;t give an option or allow any chose but the number 1. If depress again, it***8217;ll go to second code space placing the 1 there as well. So, I***8217;m thinking it***8217;s the US code I need to input but only have 4 digits and not 5 for code. Does this matter? I can***8217;t go to a local BMW dealer cause he***8217;s close to 200 miles away and doesn***8217;t speak English. One garage here in town said they could unlock the radio, but they only locked it. Had to wait 1 hour for the reset. So, does anyone have an ideal if the 4 code will work? If so, what is the full instructions in unlocking the radio?
Many thanks if someone can help.
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You need to contact the BMW dealer. They can give you the code provided you prove you own the car.
Radio Code

I had the same issue. When I went to my BMW dealer, I have been told that I need to pull out the radio out and give serial number in the back to them. In my case, I later found the radio code (lucky!), so I did not go back to BMW.
Pulling the radio is a whole 5 min operation...
No help from these 2

hey, i don't think either of you read my post.
As far as i know. Loosen the 2 i believe (3mm) allen bolts. Slide the radio out. There should be your 4 or 5 digit code on the top of i (using only numbers 1-6). hope it helps
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