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I have a question about removing the radio from my 04 BMW 745li. Also how to remove the trim panel. Have anyone done this and walk me through doing it. I looked on here to see if it had been asked or a posting on this matter.

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I assume you are referring to the ASK unit.

1. Using a small flat blade screw driver (I put a cloth over the end of it) gently insert the the blade of the screwdriver between the dash pad and the wood trim on either side.
2. Once you have slid it in, with a gentle lever action, lever the wood trim away from the ASK unit.
3. Once you have done that, the wood trim around the ASK unit will simply come away. There are only four little location tabs that hold it there.
4. There are three screws holding the ASK unit in place. One either side and one in between the phone keypad drawer and the cd section.
5. ASK unit will then simply slide out.
6. There is a small plug on the back of the phone board that will disconnect simply.
7. The plug on the back of the main ASK unit that has the MOST cable in it, has a swinging lock mechanism. This is a large black plug on the back. Insert your find inside the base of the black plug, and swing lever out, then the whole plug will slide away from the ASK unit.

When re-installing the MOST connecter, make sure the lever is in the outwards position and try to keep the fibre optics free from dust when re-installing.

I will post a video of how to do this shortly.
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