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I recently learned these terms on the internet referring to space between the tire and fender and the difference in this space between rear and front.

I learned this while reading some e90 stuff and realized now that I notice it all 3ers both last gen and this gen tend to have more space between the tire and fender (vertically) compared to the back where there is less space-reverse rake

Then you look at the 5 sport and there is much less space in the front and the rears have more space between -the rake

Now I notice on all sorts of cars, some have huge disparities between front and rear space between tire and fender.

Why is this designed like this for the 3s but not 5s or vice versa. I think it looks a bit silly now when I started to notice it in the 3s. I like in the 5 sport how the car slightly slopes down-explaining I guess why its called rake-since that is how a rake slopes down when laying on the ground
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