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Random plug???

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I found this plug in my truck right near the latch, any idea on what it's for? UPDATE: It is for my trunk power outlet that is missing
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If it is indeed a question about your F10, and that connector in your picture is on the left side of the trunk, I would assume it's for the rear electrical socket that is on your rear trunk trim, which seems to be missing in your photo...but this is just a stab in the dark....
I would agree with ^this^. I don't see the rear trunk trim piece either. On my F10 there is a "cigarette ligher" port on the trim near where the trunk latches.
When you have to remove trim in order to access your car's battery, then you know you're living the good life! ha ha
I didn't even notice that power outlet until the first time I had the trim removed. Getting the weather striping tucked back in when you put it back is a bit tedious. Maybe that's why the previous owner skipped it? ha ha
1 - 2 of 7 Posts