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OK since I'm not a trip report type of person and I only got to drive my car 59-miles before taking it to Harms. I'll just throw-in some random thoughts and updates to some recent questions.

1. You can skip the hocky simulator if you chose. The lady who checked me asked if I knew about it and I told her "yes" and I wouldn't mind passing on it since I wanted to do the Welt tour before delivery. So I skipped it since I already have an e90 and they really weren't going to show me anything new.

2. It started pouring as soon as I pulled down the ramp and through the door. :cry:

3. They pull/lift your car up pretty early as I saw my car sitting on the sidelines like 20-mins after I checked-in.

4. My car had just under 1/2-tank, so it's either random or they're not really only doing 1/8-tank of gas. Cars are being brought to the Welt the day before on trucks 30-mins apart.

5. Welt is great compared to Freimann and the Customer lounge is a nice touch. Especially more impressive for people who've done it the old way.

6. Since it's still relatively new, what will the place look like in 3-4 years?

7. Neat that they have battery hook-ups right at the turntable to save battery drain on opening and closing the top numerous times.

8. They took 3-different pictures, but only gave me one. :thumbdwn:
Why not give the customer all 3? :dunno:

9. Possibly mark the elevators to the Check-in lounge better. It's facing the wall and half down the main hall, so kind of tucked away. The Parking Garage elevators were easier to find.

10. If you're planning to drop-off at Harms on Sat. Be prepared for some waiting during peak season. As soon as I pulled into a spot, 4 other cars pulled up to drop-off. I don't know how Thomas handles it by himself every day. :yikes:

11. There should be 2 or 3-trucks heading out on Monday as there were over 25-cars on the roof earlier today.

12. 89 total Welt deliveries on May 2.

Ok that's all.

PS: I did get it up to 100 a few times this morning, but it was tough with the weekend holiday traffic.
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