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raw deal-i need desperate help!!!

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The dealer I'm working with is not being very straight forward with me.

1. They won't give me an offer sheet, saying that they have had many customers tkae that sheet and take it to other dealers. Do you give offer sheets?

2. They won't give me a production number, even after repeatedly asking for one. Client advisor says I don't need it and that he can check up the status for me every week. He says that I could take that production number and take it to another dealer who can "steal that allocation #" from them. That totally does not make sense, could you please clarify?

3. How do I get my deposit back if they refuse to do so?

4. Who should sign the offer sheet, the sales manager correct?

I am VERY VERY grateful for your help. This buying experience definitely has not been good.

I might not being getting my 325Ci as soon as I thought.
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Let them know their intransigence is more likely to cost them the sale than their cooperation.
That is totally unreasonable. I dealt with several dealers in Calif. (hmm... six total... LB BMW, Crevier, Sterling, Irvine, Shelly, Cutter) when I was looking - right up to two weeks ago - and didn't have a single problem you have on your list. If they are so worried about losing your business by disclosing their numbers, perhaps they feel they have something to hide?

I hope you put the deposit on a credit card so you still have some leverage. I would demand the information, and if they don't discolose it I would ask for the deposit back. If you don't get the deposit back... you might consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and BMWNA. You can file the BBB complaint right online, and those complaints tend to get attention real quick.

If you end up going to another dealer, I would recommend Irvine BMW (Craig Yoshida is very up-front and honest) if you want to stay local, and Cutter if you're willing to drive a little. I finally decided to go with Cutter and have been very happy so far (I even did the whole deal over the Internet/phone, it was painless!). :D

Good luck!

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I placed my order without a signed offer sheet. We agreed to a price, he ran a tape on a calculator and initialled it and initialled my calculation sheet with the words "final drive away price". I was a little concerned that this is all I had, but he did give me the production number, and a copy of the order form (which includes my name), so I'm comfortable that it is my car.

I'd say, at the very least, make sure you get the production number and make sure they've ordered what you want. If you haven't ordered Titanium Silver or Black (the most common colors) and have an odd mix of options, you can be comfortable that the car wouldn't be an easy sell for them if they don't honor your deal.

Also, call the dealer a lot about status and you'll get more comfortable that they'll honor the deal.
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They don't want to give you a production number because that way they can sell it out from under you if they get a better deal. If you don't have a production number you aren't committed to THAT car, I would RUN. P.S. In Texas the deposit has to be returned at any time requested before the car is physically delivered, not sure about where you live though.
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Get Ready to Rumble!!!!

Be firm with your dealer. If he is so paranoid about you leaving, doesn't it make you wonder how concerned he is about your needs?
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