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Re-seat Headlight - resources needed

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I need to re-seat the passenger (right) headlight as it was "bumped into" and the black plastic line around it has been pushed in. Before I start in I was curious, beyond youtube (where it can be a crap-shoot if you want instructions specific to year and model), what resources are around to help me plan out the work. Things like what needs to be removed to work the headlight out, what screws and where?

I'm new to BMW ownership and I've become accustomed to Haynes manuals for the other cars I've worked on. I don't believe there is such a thing for BMW's?
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I guess this will have to do:
BMW F25 X3 xDrive28i SAV / Repair Manuals and Technical Data / 63 Lights / 63 12 Headlight /
63 12 010Removing and installing or replacing left headlight (xenon headlight)
Version with xenon lighting system:
Danger to life due to high voltage! Therefore disconnect all components from voltage supply before removal.
Work on the entire xenon lighting system (ignition device, control unit and bulb) may only be carried out by qualified personnel.
Necessary preliminary tasks:
Release screws (1).
Tightening torque 63 12 1AZ.
Unfasten plug connection (1) and disconnect.
Release screw (2).
Tightening torque 63 12 1AZ.
Release screw (3).
Tightening torque 63 12 1AZ.
Carefully remove headlight (4) in direction of arrow.
Installation note:
Adjust headlight.
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