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Rear apron or sand and repaint?

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Recently my 99 4dr 328i was involved in a hit-and-run. The quarter panel got banged up while the paint on the bumper got scraped a little bit without any structural damage. Insurance will obviously pay to fix both, but instead of sanding + painting the bumper I figured could add an aftermarket rear apron or a whole new bumper for a little more money. After calling Bavarian Autosports the sales rep informed me that I won't need a whole new bumper, but can add a rear apron that covers the entire bumper instead. He then proceeded to tell me that the Hamann rear apron (from the standard Hamann body styling kit show in pic) is the only rear apron that they sell that will cover the scratches which are directly below the upper black plastic part of the bumper on the passenger side corner. He then proceeded to explain that the apron is more like a large sticker that covers the whole bumper. Does anyone know if this is accurate information? Will other rear aprons cover that area? I'm skeptical because Bavarian Autosports has that particular apron on sale this spring, leading me to believe they are overstocked and looking to get rid of their inventory. Please forgive my ignorance as this is my first time dealing with aftermarket body kits.
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Hmm... typically you simply replace the rear bumper "cover", I'm not really sure what this "apron" terminology is. Is the apron really the lower rear "spoiler" or trim piece that runs along the bottom of the rear bumper?

A bumper consists of several parts, the outermost part being the cover (typically just a plastic molded piece that's painted). Under that is usually some foam and then the real "bumper" -- a metal impact bar or plate which is there for those > 5mph collisions.
The way he explained it to me is that the apron completely covers the existing bumper and also includes the lower spoiler. However, I can't really visualize how this would work since I've never actually seen one.
I dont think its a very good idea to cover up damage. Probably best to replace the whole cover with either original or after market part.

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My 2 Cents
I gotta agree w/ Miguel on this Dave -- unless it's a full bumper cover I'd avoid it.
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