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Rear blower doesn't work

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I recently purchased a very clean 2005 X5 3.0, and the rear blower doesn't do anything, but the front climate control works well. Checked the fuses; all good. I am about to pull the console apart to test the switch. Any suggestions
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So when you turn the rotary dial on the left side of the rear facing vent...the blower inside the rear console doesn't come on? Also, make sure that you're turning it the right way...some owners get confused by the "| & 0 " icons...assuming that the "|" means closed/off and the "0" means open/on...when it's actually the other way around.

There are also fuses in the rear as well as the didn't mention that you checked both locations....and since you are new :) we don't know what your knowledge base consists of.
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