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Just want to pass along what I did this weekend in case somebody has the same issue.

Was just planning on replacing a broken inside door handle, but when I went to open the back door it would not open. In fact the lock indicator would go up but then right back down. Even if I held the lock indicator, the door would not open - no fun!

After reading options on-line realized there is no easy way.

So I did the following:
1. I took the back seat out for a little more room
2. Removed the screw for the interior door handle and twisted the handle so it would go inside the panel.
3. Carefully pried off the wood strip (it has 5 or 6 snap in anchors)
4. Pried the top of the interior panel off the brown door support material.
5. Fished the speaker thru its own hole (ended up breaking a plastic finger on back of speaker, so may have to glue it back).
6. I tried to reach down to the lock, but I just could not get my hands in a useful position.
7. The interior panel has some flex after removing the parts in step 2, 3 & 4, and using the handle in the center I was able to pull to get the snaps toward the front to release, then finished removing the door panel with the door still closed.
8 I took the lock out of the other door to use as a go by. I could get the same problem to repeat if this one lever under the lock solenoid was in the wrong position - all the way toward the electrical connector. I had installed a new lock solenoid a month ago and it had been working, so I guess I did not get it on just right.
9. So, I was able to remove the electrical connector on the lock solenoid, and then pop the lock solenoid off the lock - and HEY - door opened.

It all snapped back together, but I might have to come back with some glue for the top of the door panel if it does not stay in place.

So what I thought would be a quick job, wasn't, but at least I did finish.
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