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Question to iT or xiT owners - Does your wagon also have a rumble/harmonic/noise from the rear end when decelerating between 2000 and 2600 rpm?
Having driven front wheel drives for the past dozen years I wonder if this is just normal rear end rumbling that is more noticable because there is no trunk to hide the rear end noise in my wagon.
This is especially noticable going downhill, slowing down while the engine decelerates from 2700rpm to 2000rpm. Above or below that rev range no noise.
Having put 14,000+ miles since purchasing in May I thought I would get used to it.
Most of the time the stereo masks it (the noise).
Other than that this vehicle is just a complete joy.
P.S. Count me among those that would have spent whatever extra BMW would have charged for the 3 liter engine.

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Tires, maybe?

I have a RWD 328i sedan, but all of the noises I have similar to that can be attributed to the tires. If it's getting worse over time, that's even more an indication as I've found tires tend to rumble more as they get older.

Is the sound consistent even over different road surfaces?

Good luck!

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I'd have to agree with Rich on that one.

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Did you recently rotate your tires? If so then definately it's the tires. Especially when they're not even in wear you'll get pretty nasty rumble when decelerating.

It could also be the differential whine.
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